Ad action: Commercial filmed on Commercial Street in Worcester

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By Craig S. Semon

Photo: Rick Cinclair

WORCESTER — They’re filming again in downtown, but don’t get too excited. No A-list stars in sight.

Crews are shooting a commercial, appropriately enough, on Commercial Street.

On Wednesday, the Boston-based production company Sweet Rickey was filming a commercial for Los Angeles-based Grifols USA LLC, a health care company.

In a scene filmed next to the Mercantile Center, a young male professional opened the door to a Worcester Yellow Cab to allow a young female professional carrying a coffee inside. Several extras walked in the background.

The commercial shoot started at 6 a.m. Wednesday and was scheduled to end at 9 p.m.

Worcester has been home to other, more involved filming in recent years. A complicated stunt scene for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the much-anticipated sequel to “Black Panther,” was shot on Main Street in August 2021.

In 2018, Liam Neeson was in the city for the filming of “Honest Thief.”